Friday, May 21, 2010


A Centaur is a mythical creature in myths and legends and also in Greek mythology. It is a creature that is half man half horse. The body of the centaur is a horse and the torso and head are the body parts of a human. The hair on Centaurs heads matches that of the rest of their body. The males’ centaurs have a mane going down from their head onto the spine and then it connects with the horse body. Centaurs can live up to 300 years. There are two types of centaurs, civilized and uncivilized. Both centaurs look the same the only difference is how they choose to live. According to myths Centaurs lived in the mountains of northern Greece and in other stories they lived in the forest. Because Centaurs had two stomachs they ate human food and horse food. The uncivilized centaurs would probably attack anything that came into their territory. The civilized centaurs were peaceful smart being that would probably only attack if they felt threatened. Thank you for reading this hope you enjoyed it. You are free to comment on it.

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