Friday, May 21, 2010


A Unicorn is the next mythical creature. The unicorns are in myths and legends and they are also in Greek mythology. A Unicorn looks like a white horse with a horn on its head. There are some differences however between the horses body and the unicorns body, here are the differences: the torso is the torso of an antelope, the tail is the tail of a lion, it has the beard of a billy goat (in pictures they don't add the beard!) and lastly it has cloven hooves that's definitely not the body of a horse. But the horn is not just a horn it is magical horn. The horn has the ability to heal people from there sickness. Unicorns live in the European forest and stay hidden from humans. They eat many of the different types of leaves and grasses in the forests. Unicorns are unlike many other mythical creatures in the way that they are completely peaceful. Thank you for reading about these Unicorns. Once again feel free to comment on this topic.;]

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