Thursday, May 20, 2010


In this blog post I will be talking about Dragons from the myths and legends. These Dragons are creatures that are big and scaly with two eyes and two wings, which give the Dragon the ability to fly. These Dragons also have lots of sharp teeth and sharp claws. Some even have spikes on their body. Also dragons up to 400 years old. The average life span however is 300 years old. Another thing about Dragons is that they can blow fire from their mouth. These mythical dragons live in their own type’s homes. The types of homes that Dragons live are caves, mountains, lakes or near water. Dragons need to go out and hunt for their food when they get hungry. Most dragons hunt by themselves but some hunt in packs if they want a larger meal or if they are small. Mythical Dragons kill their prey with their claws, teeth and with their fire. But if they use fire on their prey all they would be eating ash for dinner. The Dragon menu however ranges from plants to ash to animals to livestock and sometimes even to human. This is some information I have written on dragons I hope that you enjoyed it. PS: Dragons are awesome. :)

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